How do I thank you for last evening.   I had an amazing sleep of 7 hours!  I can't remember the last time this happened. After other meditations you've led, I've had a similar experience of calm, peaceful and deep sleeps.. I seem to drift into another state.  .. The state is peaceful and boundless, like a sea of harmony. You are a gifted guide, an angel who's come into my life. Rosemary, (Retired Educator/Facilitator)
I thank you for the care the skill and the love that I experienced in our session. I know that I will continue to benefit from this sacred work. Today was the first day I have had the courage to take out my book project and just be with it….make some notes and feel good about the process. Diane, (Minister and Coach)
Thank you so much for your wonderful workshops! I wanted to share that a number of things have already opened up for me this morning in my business - so what a wonderful reflection!!! Kim, (Consultant)
I have your book and CDs. I've been interviewing for a new role at several companies and I was especially nervous about one so when I had a bit of time in between sessions I meditated with you via your youtube link. I was completely relaxed and had a great interview so thank you. Cynthia, (Corporate)
I am looking forward to listening to your words of wisdom and meditating in your special space. Love and hugs, Agnes
It is you Hilary that is creativity in words, the birthplace of love, an exceptional poetic spirit: one that I have known for a thousand generations. Mike, Writer and poet. Jan 2015
You rock!! As they say in the Shamanic tradition this(Meditation) is your medicine and I would like to order all of them. How do I do that? Pat, (Recruiter)
 It's so lovely to hear your beautiful voice. Such transformative experience.!!!! Silvi. Therapist and Author
A few years ago, a sort of upsetting event put me in an emotional tailspin ..I knew I needed to take action. We have a really lovely family friend, Hilary, who is the closest I think I will get to in terms of spiritual guru (in this life, at least). She does amazing healing sessions and group meditations. Caroline . Fashion business owner
I wanted to personally thank you for the session last week, it truly meant a lot to me and I have already started to see some results, Marco, Sound technician
I just meditated on your first two chakra's clearing and I was very emotional, that shows it really works. God bless you for all your work. Love Hana
It was such a pleasure seeing you again, you are wonderful to work with :) Thank you so much for your guidance, it is greatly appreciated. Sonia (pyschotherapy student)
Thanks again for your session and your support.  I very much appreciated it and so needed the love.-Norma, (Publicist)
I must say my walk home was very wonderful and new to me, energy was shifting all over particularly my heart chakra!  Today I do feel very relaxed in my skin and proud,  Irene
Hilary has created a safe space to sit and be; to learn how to quiet your mind and listen to your own divine guidance.  Her voice is the perfect pitch to allow yourself to go deep and discover what your soul needs from you. Michele, (Therapist)
I left our session much relaxed, at peace, and even joyous at times. Also, for the time being, the knot is my polar plexus is gone and I am breathing more deeply.  Amazing work!!  I don't really understand what and how you do, but I know you 'do'!!  Judy, (Teacher))
Thank you so much..I am so grateful I have been able to meet and interact with you on this plane. I feel very connected and guided by you and love and respect you. Hana
I wanted to let you know I’ve had a profound healing with the session and afterwards. Yes thank you so much. Wonderful. Thanks Hilary. Kimberly
Thanks for your guidance and support as always.  I LOVE attending your sessions and admire the way you genuinely value everyone's contribution with such caring and grace. Judy, (Teacher)
I'm finding the sessions with you very helpful, in connecting with my creative self.  Being with you in this way is certainly the right time for me. Joan, (Therapist)
I love taking your meditation classes and I like being in your house and in your company. There is so much love coming from your heart to all of us. Mika, (Librarian)
What a life-altering experience to participate in these meditation workshops!  The energy in Hilary's home, a healing space that facilitates a connection with the divine, was palpable.  Hilary's humble, gracious and insightful presence guided our group through discussions, personal sharing, chants, meditations and much more.  Her lectures revealed a wisdom few of us mortals possess.   In this sacred and safe environment, we bonded quickly and made deep personal connections. I'm eternally grateful and appreciative of this opportunity for personal growth along my spiritual journey. Judy, (Teacher)
 ‘Thank you so much for Friday. Its so amazing that you were introduced to me. Its great and I get so much energy from you. On Friday night I had a dream where I had a lot of sand in my ears that fell off and cleared a channel & I know that is the result of work we did together. Thank you so much everything is wonderful’ Nathalie (lawyer)
Thank you for the time you spent with me earlier today. I'm very grateful for the help you've been giving me in order to speed up my spiritual potential....I can't tell how important this is to me at this stage of my life! David (Postman)