Understanding our Oneness

shivaEastern Tantric philosophy teaches that there is One Consciousness pervading everything, which pulsates in a diversity of forms. The unique you and the unique me are still part of the same One, the same energy. Each of us is aunique expression of this divine light. To understand this fully we need to experience  this state of Oneness.

  • Tantric Philosophy

Tantra is a stream of ancient Indian oral traditions with practical tools to help us experience our true divine nature—‘Tantra’ means web or loom- a weaving of many practices to experience divinity. The root ‘tan’ in the word Tantra means expansion, recognizing our soul aim is to expand our knowledge & wisdom. In the 9th to 11th century written texts emerged, most notably Abhinavagupta, the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism, then later on another stream emerged the Sri Vidya goddess traditions in Southern  India. In both traditions meditation practices and rituals are detailed, opening energy gateways to deeper experiences of the world inside us.

  • Play of Consciousness

These teachings describe life as a Play of Consciousness: from concealment to revelation. Concealment of our divinity to then experience the joyous realization that we are in fact divine. Tantra considers the universe to be a manifestation of Consciousness, where Consciousness divides itself into two parts, which cannot exist without the other: Shiva the witness, the silent stillness of pure being and Shakti the dynamic energy which rises from pure being and creates everything that exists. They appear separate but are really aspects of the same One.

The play is to understand they are One and through a process of kundalini awakening, this truth is eventually experienced as a state of bliss. Kundalini is the transforming spiritual energy inside us-the holy spirit, chi, dormant at the 1st chakra. Once awakened this energy Kundalini Shakti moves to higher levels up the spine clearing all the chakras and merges with Shiva at the crown, and we experience Oneness and bliss.

  • The play is set up like a game of hide and seek, however our ego took over and began to believe we are only the physical body, and a personality that feels separate and alone. A veil of forgetfulness of our true nature cloaked us. Over many life times our mistaken sense of identity by the ego filled us with aloneness and created more separation - a strong sense of ‘them’ and ‘us’ developed even demonizing certain peoples and groups. An ever deepening isolation ensued.

- It now turns out this feeling of separation is wired in our brains. Science says there is a neural network DMN, default mode network–which is a system in the brain that creates our default mode, which establishes us as separate from the world and from each other, a filtering. Creates a fixed range of perception. Psychedelic drugs are shown in scientific experiment to displace it and we're able to see things as One, see the light as everything, we can see that everything that exists is conscious.  Our journey is to access that state and be liberated from the illusion of separation.