Find your Soul Book

Find your Soul... in your heart, by Hilary Bowring.buddhavert

Open your heart using self transforming ideas and 9 heart centred meditations. Discover your life's purpose.

The world seems in turmoil, we feel overwhelmed—but we can help if we change ourselves. We are part of One Consciousness whatever we do affects everyone! We are in an evolutionary shift and everyone has a role to play.

In Find Your Soul you learn how to connect with your soul purpose and manifest your role in the evolutionary plan.

 Once in soul alignment synchronicities and miracles pave your way forward, you move through challenges to prosper in a new consciousness.
The book helps you to reconnect with your soul in your heart centre and with the pulse of evolutionary energy. Meditation opens our hearts, letting go of negative emotions, resentments and fears ensuring our gifts are honoured, our wisdom is heard.

There are 9 chapters of self transforming ideas and exercises and 9 powerful heart-centred meditations to open your heart. The meditations are potent so with regular practice you find your soul in the silence, listen to its wisdom and follow the guidance on a daily basis. Gradually your soul purpose is revealed and you can flourish in a new reality, with love and gratitude.

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