Higher love Meditations MP3

LoveMeditationMP3Higher Love Meditations’. For a more conscious approach to romance, these open new levels of love and intimacy...change our inner state for the desired outer state.

There are 5 Higher Love meditations designed to change the inner state, each is about 15 min long--available for $2.99 each or $14 for all 5 mp3's.
  1. Clearing the 1st and 2nd chakras of limiting conditioning beliefs from family, society and past lives that may be challenging love relationships.
  2. Forgiveness Meditation Often we have not forgiven someone including ourselves. Higher Love is seeing the divine essence in each other, despite life challenges.
  3. Moving the Mind into the Heart Meditation. Moving the mind into the heart connects with our soul and opens us to receive and give higher love
  4. Desire Meditation. Manifest desires using feelings rather than visuals, as emotions create our reality. Focus on higher frequency emotions and you vibrate at the frequency of Love drawing in loving experiences.
  5. The DNA Love Activation. This activation is at a cellular level and we become much more able to fully love in awareness that we are One Consciousness.
There is a free video of the Desire Meditation on Youtube for you to enjoy!